As your biological auditor, my goal is to help you "get it". Get what? How your body actually works! When you "get it" you can act on it and change your own life! Your flesh is life, your blood is life, and the life of your flesh comes from the blood. 

When you age, get cancer, experience diseases, part of the process is that you are rotting on the inside. When you age, get heart disease, start to break down, part of the process is that you are rusting on the inside. Our goal in working together is to reverse or slow the rotting and rusting on the inside of your body to give you a longer and better quality of life.

Peering into the microscope and looking at blood, you can see a reflection of cause and effect. When you’re not feeling well, your blood doesn’t look good. Often, the worse you feel, the worse it looks. When you get better, the blood also gets looking better. Simple correlation. Make the blood look better, you’ll feel better. Clean the blood, clean your health.

But something else is going on. When you feel better, often your attitude is also better. Your state of mental health is closely aligned with your state of physical health. Change physical health, and you’ll often impact mental health. The reverse also holds; change the mental, and you’ll change the physical. Where is it often reflected? In the blood.

This is a great tool for tracking your internal health before you feel any major issues developing.

Dry Blood Audit

What is a Dry blood audit

Dry Blood Audit is a holistic health assessment tool that enables practitioners to investigate a client’s health by looking at the various indications that can be seen in their blood. This test is conducted in the practitioner’s own clinic during an appointment with the client, and the results are immediate.

Dry Blood Audits are simple, quick and accurate with immediate results discussed and viewed together on a monitor. Using a disposable lancet, we create numerous blood samples. This small sample can provide an amazing amount of information.a drop of blood is exposed to the air and starts to clot. As this happens, characteristic patterns can be seen under a microscope that can suggest various health issues.

What can an audit reveal?

Areas of toxicity and congestion

Nutritional deficiencies

Hormonal imbalances

Sugar imbalances

Allergies and food intolerances

Adrenal and thyroid health

Malabsorption of proteins and fats

Immune stress or dysfunction

Free radical activity

Candida Yeast/Fungus


PH imbalance-over acidity or alkalinity

Crystalline structures

A dry blood audit is offered virtually only and takes 1.5 hours | $ 290 

What will come in your dry-blood supply kit?

- Instructions
- Single-use  lancets
- Glass slides
- Slide protectors
-Return mailing envelope 
(Customer is responsible for return postage)
-Blood Type Kit (if needed)

1. If you do not know your blood type, please add a blood type kit to your purchase. It is imperative to know your blood type for your audit(s). 

2. Once your purchase for the supplies has been made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to fill out a form. Please fill this form out as thoroughly as possible and make sure to submit it at least 24 hours before your appointment with Spencer. 

3. When you receive your supplies in the mail you will find a paper with instructions and a QR code to schedule your appointment. 

4. You will find an instruction page with your supplies. Please follow the instructions accordingly. Before your appointment, you will poke your finger with the lancet provided, put a few drops of blood on the glass slides, also provided, and let it air dry in a dust free area. Air drying doesn't take long! Once the blood samples are dry, you will place the glass slides in the protective covers provided in your kit and make sure they snaps shut.

How does the process work?


I am not a doctor, and do not diagnose illnesses. I simply use a microscope to view the blood. Any interpretation of conditions found in the blood is left up to others. Any notable features we find in the blood are simply a notable feature, and not a diagnosis. 

Get your supplies 


A dry blood audit is offered virtually only and takes 1.5 hours | $ 290