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Who is OPENM1NDS for?

When you attend OPENM1NDS, you’ll be joined by people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, doctors, spiritual healers, professionals, executives, creatives, coaches, leaders, dreamers, visionaries, students, seekers, athletes… the list goes on. 

Yet, there is ONE characteristic that defines every single person who takes the action to attend: They won’t settle for a small life lived in fear…they know there is something MORE.

If you are tired of being yanked around by the circumstances of your life, of feeling powerless or out of control… OPENM1NDS will give you the tools you need to overcome. This is the opportunity to take control of your life – not by force, but by tapping into your own deep psychology, making transformational changes and creating a blueprint for moving forward.

If you’re ready to start living your life by DESIGN instead of DEFAULT…  

Featured Speakers


Allie Duzett

Lauren Pace