In-Person Biological & Blood Audit

As your biological auditor, my goal is to help you "get it". Get what? How your body actually works! When you "get it" you can act on it and change your own life! Your flesh is life, your blood is life, and the life of your flesh comes from the blood. 

When you age, get cancer, experience diseases, part of the process is that you are rotting on the inside. When you age, get heart disease, start to break down, part of the process is that you are rusting on the inside. Our goal in working together is to reverse or slow the rotting and rusting on the inside of your body to give you a longer and better quality of life.

Peering into the microscope and looking at blood, you can see a reflection of cause and effect. When you’re not feeling well, your blood doesn’t look good. Often, the worse you feel, the worse it looks. When you get better, the blood also gets looking better. Simple correlation. Make the blood look better, you’ll feel better. Clean the blood, clean your health.

But something else is going on. When you feel better, often your attitude is also better. Your state of mental health is closely aligned with your state of physical health. Change physical health, and you’ll often impact mental health. The reverse also holds; change the mental, and you’ll change the physical. Where is it often reflected? In the blood.

This is a great tool for tracking your internal health before you feel any major issues developing.

What is a Biological Audit?

A Biological Audit is a holistic health assessment tool that enables practitioners to investigate a client's health by looking at various indications that can be seen in the blood, urine, and saliva. During your initial visit, we will answer your questions about Biological Audits, explain what the audit process will look like and partner with you to identify your wellness goals. 

Your body has a few forms of "blood" - blood, urine, and saliva. For example : Urine is blood that has been filtered by the kidneys. During your biological audit we will take a look at a drop of each of these forms of blood and look for any signs of mineral deficiencies, organ stress, pH levels, imbalances, bacterial/fungal infections, metal toxicities, digestion issues, issues with fungus, and more .

I will thoroughly walk you through what I observe through my microscope, and other observing technologies for each of your blood systems. Once we take a look at these together, we will make a plan specific to you to help your body work correctly. Your body knows how to heal itself and we just need to remind it how to do so! 

A biological & blood audit is offered in person only and takes two hours | $ 350 

What can an audit reveal?

Areas of toxicity and congestion

Nutritional deficiencies

Hormonal imbalances

Sugar imbalances

Allergies and food intolerances

Adrenal and thyroid health

Malabsorption of proteins and fats

Immune stress or dysfunction

Free radical activity

Candida Yeast/Fungus


PH imbalance-over acidity or alkalinity

Crystalline structures

1. Once your purchase for the in-person audit has been made you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to fill out a form. Please fill this form out as thoroughly as possible and make sure to submit it at least 24 hours before your appointment with Spencer. 

2. You will receive another e-mail 48 hours prior to your appointment. It will have a reminder and directions to your appointment. 

How does the process work?

At least we like to think it does.

Particularly where health is concerned and when working with others in this arena.

HIPPA in the USA is something many people believe was a law government passed in order to assure privacy in health matters. But not really.

When family and friends might need information to help, the doctor, lab or hospital can keep it away from them, yet at the same time they can share it with over 40 government agencies including the IRS. 

The government should never be involved in people's private lives. It is not their job. Yet everything today about one's private health matters has become overtly public and political. 

To encourage people to keep their private lives private, we support working with others under private contractual agreement and through private member associations where the public and politics can stay outside the door. 

Privacy Matters


I am not a doctor, and do not diagnose illnesses. I simply use a microscope to view the blood. Any interpretation of conditions found in the blood is left up to others. Any notable features we find in the blood are simply a notable feature, and not a diagnosis. 

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A biological & blood audit is offered in person only and takes two hours | $ 350